Bazaar: Market Food From Around The World

Susie Donald is a renowned chef and author of several cookbooks ranging from how to cook transitional asian style cuisine to learning how to master the basics of culinary cooking techniques. For this particular book series, rx Susie had put together a lavish collection of recipes from her travels and explorations of several markets from around the world and wanted to present the markets as a cookbook series.

The books were to be seen as something to be collected and viewed as well as a functional cookbook that one one can learn and cook from. The studio collaborated with Australian based agency Marilyn and Sons to produce the publication series. When Susie came to us with a variety of recipes and geographical locations to choose from it was important to us to try and create a theme a link between each market place and the food it represented.

Although each cookbook is unique and diverse in its own way it still needed to carry on a basic theme that would help link each book as a series – to be collected and shared as a group. opteck ثنائي خيارات العرض  The author along side our collective design team spent many hours hand selecting each recipe to coincide with each market place given, creating a curated catalogue of imagery and hand written texts to accompany each section of the book.





fare traiding come plus500 In Collaboration with Marilyn & Sons Australia. opzioni binarie bot Author Susie Donald